Sunday, June 26, 2011

Breakfast Boost

I’ve been reading “The Beauty Detox Solution” and it is a pretty extreme lifestyle choice highly focused on raw fresh vegetables.  Essentially it promotes a vegan diet, but has a few alternatives if a person choses to have animal protein a few days a week.  In addition, it completely cuts out dairy and sugar.  Yikes!

My plan is to take the challenge and try it out for a month to see what benefits I notice and then make the determination of how much to continue or not.  Even now, I admit I’m not following 100%.  My “cheat” is a mid-morning coffee and sweet.  I figure that’s still pretty good.

For breakfast, I’ll have one of three things:

  1. small plate of fruit and veggies
  2. green smoothie (fruit & veggies such as kale and apple)
  3. gluten free oats with unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, and berries

Not super exciting, but we’ll see how it goes.  Thus far, I have good energy and have lost 5 lbs – so I’m not complaining!



Sunday, June 19, 2011

My pastry pies!

I love pie and pastries, but never want to buy them at the store because so often they can only be purchased in large quantities.  For my at home experiment I simply used already made roll-out pastry dough and incorporated a blend of fillings!

First, I rolled out the dough a bit thinner and cut into small squares.  Then, I brushed on a light coat of unsalted butter and sugar.  I filled the pockets with everything from peaches and apples, to cream cheese and dark chocolate.  I wanted to try a variety so I could choose my favorite (peaches w/ cinnamon!).  Finally, I closed up the dough, brushed on an egg wash and sprinkled with a bit more sugar.  350 degrees for 10-12 mins depending on how big you make the pockets.

It was fun, easy and a tasty hand-held treat.





Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eat with your eyes



I could pretend like I made these amazing dishes myself, but for some reason – I think you’d catch on…  Okay, so I may not have made these beauties, but I sure as hell ate them!!  And yes, they tasted as divine as they look. 

The dishes: Beet, spinach, and goat cheese salad w/ balsamic vinegarette, and halibut fillet over cream sauce and vegetable ravioli.  Yum!

Eating is probably my favorite part of traveling.  I adore trying different and unique eateries from hole in the wall diners to chic tapas spots.  These lovely dishes came from a beautiful Italian restaurant in Salinas, CA.