Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Fit

While I was overweight for a short period during my teens, overall, I eat right, exercise regularly, and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

However… there are times when I need to remind myself to get back on track.  Now is one of those times!  I’ve gained a few pounds and my pants are showing it, so it’s time to take action. 

I logged on to and got some great tips, but ultimately decided to make my own meal and exercise plan.  I’m on day 5 and below is this week’s meal plan.  I’ve been tracking calories and steps and hope to see good results soon. 

Goal: 10 lbs to loose and svelte body that fits back into my skinny jeans to gain!

Below are a few example days.  Wish me luck.










cereal, skim milk, walnuts & raisins

toast w/ egg & tomato

cereal, skim milk, 1/2 banana

egg, feta in tortilla w/ fruit

veggies & egg w/ toast

carrot cake oatmeal


hard boiled egg

almonds & swiss cheese

yogurt & fruit

granola bar

banana w/ pb



turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mustard

tuna, crackers, tomato, spinach, & swiss

turkey veggie pita w/ baked chips

tuna, crackers, tomato, spinach, & swiss

split pea soup w/ toast

salad w/ veggies


carrots & swiss

banana w/ pb

carrots & swiss

yogurt w/ nuts

almonds & swiss cheese

tomato w/ pita and humus


veggie quesa-dilla w/ salsa

chicken, broccoli, & baked potato

mini filet w/ spinach & sweet potato

salad w/ chicken

chicken, broccoli, & baked potato

pork w/ carrots & sweet potato


small cookie & almonds

cookie, jello


small piece choc

chips & salsa

lowfat ice cream scoop

Healthy Food Tips:
* stick with grilled / baked chicken only, using nonfat cooking spray vs. olive oil
* if you need a topping for your baked potato, try nonfat greek yogurt and steamed broccoli. yum!
* keep small packages of cut up veggies on hand for snacking
* a great lowfat drink is seltzer, vodka, and a generous squeeze of lime
* when eating tuna from the can, make sure you only get the “stored in water” kind, and go out on a limb – no mayo!  spread it on a cracker with a little mustard and a dill pickle seals the deal


Cyn said...

Go for it dear- you seem like someone after my own. I too have to plan and make sure too allow some sweets in the name of sanity.

Onwards to success!

Kasmira said...

Do you have a smartphone? I use myfitnesspal to log food and exercise. It is AWESOME!

Lauren said...

One of my favorite lunches is a tuna salad. Mix together spinach and iceberg lettuce and add boiled egg, cannellini beans, and tuna. I make a dijon mustard vinaigrette. It's delicious!

Londyn said...

Cyn - thanks :)

Lauren - I love that too! You are making me hungry!

Kasmira - yes, I actually downloaded an application a while ago but haven't ever used it. LOL. I think it's time!! Thanks for the reminder :)