Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vegetable Lasagna

There are many fantastic recipes for vegetable lasagna, and I’m typically partial to the kinds with an alfredo sauce, but today I decided to make a vegetable lasagna with homemade marinara.  I also decided to go noodle-less.  Noodle-less lasagna you say?  It’s madness!  Madness or not, it’s pretty good!  I saw a chef on “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” make noodle-less veggie lasagna and was inspired.

Here’s what I came up with:

Start by cooking up a nice marinara sauce.  Click here for my recipe.

Next, do a quick egg wash and a light breading to thin slices of eggplant and zucchini (I preferred the zucchini over the eggplant and would most likely just skip with that for next time).  Bake @ 425 degrees until cooked and crisp (about 5 min each side).


Meanwhile, sauté mushrooms and onions in a bit of butter and extra virgin olive oil.


Make sure you have lots of cheese on hand!  I used mozzarella, parmesan, and goats cheese.  I passed on the ricotta today, but feel free to use (just mix with egg, salt, pepper, and parm and layer in).

Then, start to layer!  Always begin with a healthy dollop of sauce for a base, then layer veggies, cheese, and sauce to your liking.  Make sure you end with a the heaviest layer of cheese.





Once the layers are done, cover with foil and bake 400 degrees for about 45 mins.  Remove foil and bake another 15 until top is slightly browned and very melty.



Sewfast said...

MMMM...looks delish! It's making me hungry...thanks for sharing!

Healthy and Homemade said...

Looks so yummy. It's like an eggplant parm/lasagna =) Love the idea of no noodles!