Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicago Eats

I recently wrote about my Chicago trip on my fashion blog and figured I should post about some of the delicious food on my food blog as well!

One of our first dining experiences was at Cafe Ba Ba Rebba.  It was phenomenal!  They serve mainly tapas and the food was so unique and fresh that I could honestly eat there everyday and not get bored.

The dishes we tried:

  • mixed greens, beets, oranges & goat cheese
  • local tomato salad with arugula & migas
  • roast eggplant salad with goat cheese
  • spinach & manchego stuffed mushrooms
  • mushroom empanada with porcini alioli
  • fried green peppers & coarse salt
  • shrimp with garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes 
  • vegetable paella

Can you tell we were totally stuffed when this picture was taken!?!


For breakfast, we ate at our hotel restaurant, Sable Kitchen & Bar.  Seriously, they have me forever hooked on Greek yogurt.  I’ve already eaten a tub of it since being back home…  LOL

It is such a simple dish (i.e. easy to make at home too!) but the simplicity made it so divine.  Just Greek yogurt, fruit, granola, and drizzled honey.  Greek goddess of goodness – where have you been all my life?


Another great Sable breakfast I tried was the flatbread breakfast pizza with sausage, cheese, arugula, and poached egg.  It was a hearty meal for a long day of walking downtown streets of Chicago!



The Bleeding Heart Bakery was a place near and dear to my friend Allia’s heart - see pic below  :) 

This bakery uses local, organic, sustainable ingredients and has many vegan delicacies. 

DSCF4613DSCF4607 DSCF4608

Oh so many creative inspiring cupcakes…  There are so many to choose from I spent at least 5 – 10 minutes just staring at the cases!


I also tried a quiche, but unfortunately not near as good as the cake balls (seriously – you have to try the chocolate gouache cake balls) or cupcakes.  My suggestion – stick with the sweet stuff!


Finally, we tried Adobo Grill.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures at the moment (waiting on girlfriends to send them to me!!), but let me tell you it was amazing.

Their guacamole should be a staple item in everyone’s lives because it is so good.  They make it right there at your table and you get to experience the freshness of the products and love that is put into making the dish.  We had to order a second dish it was so good…

They are also famous for their margaritas, and yes, we tried a few.  Our hotel concierge recommended “the smoky floater”.  It wasn’t my favorite, but it was very unique!  If you like a smoky drink then you’ll adore it.

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