Monday, May 31, 2010

Taste of Cincinnati

I went to Taste of Cincinnati this weekend.  Who can resist the temptation of samples, food galore, and did I mention – Cincinnati people watching?  That’s some good entertainment!

(It’s also a great way to learn about new restaurants in the area.  I learned there is a cute little place called The Loving Cafe nearby that caters to vegans and vegetarians.  I have a friend who is vegan, so next time she’s in town – I’m taking her there!)

The man and I enjoyed being out in the warm sunny weather and did try a few food items.  Before we went, I checked out the vendors online to see what options they’d be bringing and I had my heart set on trying the deep fried Twinkie from Mac’s Pizza Pub! 

I first heard about deep fried Twinkies on “The best food I ever ate” Food Network show, and it sounded divine.  I’ve had fried candy bars before (fabulous!), so this was next on my list.


The fried Twinkie was okay, but to be honest – it just didn’t live up to my expectations… The sweetness of the cake didn’t come through because of the fried batter, and the cream inside melted into the cake part so that you didn’t actually get the cream, you just got soggy cake.  I think I’ll stick to fried candy bars  :)

As for the Taste – I’m glad Cincinnati has kept it going (32 years!)and I’m excited for next year. 

DSCF4354  DSCF4355


CassCGirl said...

I love your picture of the "Banana Cabana"!! Glad you had fun at the Taste!!

SailorWifey said...

I recently tried a fried twinkie and was not impressed. I do love fried oreos however.

♥ SailorWifey