Sunday, April 11, 2010


I lurve me some guacamole!!  It’s so easy and there are so many ways to make it.  I think I make it differently almost every time I make it.  What do I feel like today?  Spicy? Garlic-y? Lemon-y? Plain or mixed with lots of other ingredients?

Drumroll… I ended up going for fresh and garlic-y guacamole.

The first necessity is to start out with a good avocado.  Soon to hit grocery stores near you are Chiquita’s Fresh and Ready avocados.  With these avocados - you are set no matter what!  Their technology keeps the avocados at the perfect ripeness for 5+ days, so you never have to guess if your avocado is the right ripeness.  If you’re using regular avocados, look for medium firm avocados that are green when you pull out the top stem piece.


After I mashed my avocado and added a heavy pinch of salt, I sautéed some grape tomatoes and one shredded garlic clove with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.


Once softly heated (about 2-3 mins), I added the tomatoes and garlic to my avocado mixture.


Finally, I added a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a dab of hot sauce, and a healthy squeeze of lemon juice.  Lightly mix together so that the tomatoes are popped but not completely mashed.


This dish is a beautiful blend of freshness and kick; and is also texturally pleasing with its creamy consistency and the pop of the tomatoes.  Perfection in a bowl – I promise!!  So good  :)

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