Friday, February 5, 2010

Who Loves Garlic?!? I do!



Ah, garlic and I are old friends… 

I love it on just about everything!  Bread, pizza, pasta, meats / seafood, dips, sauces, mashed potatoes – the list goes on and on.





Of course, you can always just rough chop garlic when using it in the kitchen, but one of my best purchases ever has been my “heavy duty” garlic press!

However… – if you need your garlic more “mushy” and mashed (for example – if you are using it raw in a salad dressing…etc.) a great TIP is:

  • to rough chop the garlic on a cutting board
  • sprinkle liberally with salt
  • run the side of a large cutlery knife back and forth over the garlic pieces

This will create a garlic paste which allows the garlic flavor without having the risk of chomping into a raw chunk of garlic – yikes!


Andie said...

another tip is to use a microplane to grate it into pasta, etc! I just buy the peeled cloves and grate them into pasta and other dishes! very very tasty!

Londyn said...

Yes! You are so right!