Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spaghetti Supper

DSCF3694 I love making spaghetti.  It’s so simple and so comforting.  I adore the aroma of the tomatoes and the oregano wafting through the air.


I start with the sauce.  I don’t go by a recipe, but just go with whatever feels / tastes right (and whatever I can find in the pantry) at the time.

Since I don’t measure, I can’t give you specifics – but I can at least share some of the common ingredients in my sauce:

  1. Sauté yellow onions and garlic in butter & extra virgin olive oil
  2. Italian seasonings, basil, oregano, bay leaves, & parsley
  3. Salt & Pepper
  4. Crushed tomatoes and/or tomato sauce
  5. Fire roasted tomatoes and/or seasoned diced tomatoes
  6. Tomato paste
  7. A dash of water and/or chicken stock
  8. Sugar
  9. Worchestire sauce and/or A1 steak sauce


While the sauce simmers, I work on my meatballs!  Again, my recipe changes every time and I can’t give you specific measurements… but hopefully my ingredient list is still inspiring!

(before cooked pic)


  1. For the meat – I may use anything from ground chuck or sirloin to veal, Italian sausage, and/or ground chicken.  I always mix at least 2 kinds.
  2. Crackers or seasoned crackers
  3. Ricotta
  4. Parmesan cheese
  5. Egg white(s)
  6. Diced sautéed yellow onions
  7. Garlic (of course!)
  8. Salt & pepper
  9. Oregano & Italian seasoning mix, parsley (I’ve even put in shredded spinach sometimes!)
  10. Worchestire sauce and/or A1 steak sauce

Once the meatballs are cooked (375 about 20-25 min or until cooked through), I drop them into the spaghetti sauce, and shortly thereafter they are on my plate and then in my belly!


Spread on top of whole wheat pasta and topped with parm cheese – that makes a feast for me!


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