Monday, February 1, 2010

Snickedy Snacks – time to prep!

DSCF3857 DSCF3859

Nutritionists often say that women should eat 5-6 small meals a day for maintaining energy / healthy metabolism, etc…  Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find / prepare that many healthy meals every day!


I find it useful to do a big grocery shopping trip on the weekend, and do a good amount of prep work for the week.  I make up mini veggie trays, cut up fruit for snacking, desserts, and smoothies, cook up pastas / rice for dinners, etc…

I realize that while I find this activity relaxing and fun (sick, I know…) – many people may find it a pain.  But I challenge you to try it for just a few weeks and make it as fun as possible.  Turn on some upbeat music, brew some coffee, have kids, your spouse, or family help.  Once you see how much easier it will make your life (and how much healthier you will eat and feel) – you’ll make it a habit for certain!

Here’s an example of my multiple meals (today’s eats!)

Meal 1 / Breakfast: whole grain cereal & skim milk

Meal 2 / Snack: banana smoothie (prepped last night) & 5 mini rice cakes

Meal 3 / Lunch: 1 serving of “Cook Yourself Thin” turkey sausage pasta bake

Meal 4 / Snack: “Cook Yourself Thin” home-made biscotti & small veggie mix (above)

Meal 5 / Dinner: chicken “pizza” on wheat tortilla round & side salad

Meal 6 / Snack: tea & popcorn (no butter)


Kiki said...

I do the same with veggies. Buy on the weekend and prep when I get them home. It's made my husband eat more veggies! I really enjoy slicing up veggies. It's quite soothing.

How does the pre-prepped smoothie work? I just think about a day old frozen blizzard and it's just not the same. What about the smoothies?

Rambling Tart said...

I've been sick as can be so am just getting to your posts now. I am SO enjoying your tips and ideas. :-) I love doing prep-work on my weekends too. It makes life so much smoother!

Londyn said...

Kiki -

The pre-prepped smoothie is best made the morning of. It's okay done the night before, but you will have to shake it up quite a bit and the color may be a bit off. Possibly freezing it over night might keep it better...?