Saturday, February 6, 2010

Recipes search trend

I love cookbooks.  It’s a secret pastime of mine to cozy up in bed with a hot cup of tea and dig into a new cookbook  :)

However – my collection has grown so large that I realize I have to stop buying them!  (At least, until I get a larger bookshelf…)  Instead of buying more (for now), I’ve been searching online for the ease and convenience of at-your-fingertips recipes.  Grant it, I wouldn’t curl up in bed reading these recipes, but it works while I am curbing my cookbook spending appetite.

Below are a few sites I’ve tried out:

Any other suggestions?


Sarah said... is a good website

Dr. Da said...

I love to read cookbooks too! But I rarely cook straight form a cookbook.....they just inspire me. :)

Londyn said...

Dr. Da - I'm the same way! I think baking is the only time I actually follow a specific recipe, but the inspiration of recipes I always love!

Anonymous said...

Hi Londyn,

I actually have my own cooking blog - I love it if you checked it out.

I found your site through Kasmira's What I Wore Today and your BlogFashion site.


Therapeutic Musings said... is the best website ever! I always search there first.

Londyn said...

Thanks for the sites! They are great!

*A* said...

right now I'm loving Pioneer Woman's tasty kitchen site:

It's very similar to allrecipes, except it doesn't ask you to become a supporting member every time you look up a recipe!
I also read a lot of cooking blogs, I love to see what real people are doing in their kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I am just leaving a little drive-by comment, but I recommend I pretty much stalk Elise:)